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That’s It? That’s the Best I’m Going to Get?

Posted by Jody Deeds on December 4, 2009

Believe me…I understand how hard it is when selling your home, to separate your personal attachment, blood, sweat and tears from the analytical, business perspective of the deal. Right? To be the mediator, the therapist, the negotiator, the analyst, etc.

I’m here to tell you that as your professional full-time Realtor who markets homes and gets them SOLD, believe me when I say that the majority of the time, the first offer you get on your home is the best.

Sure you have to clean the home, price it competitively for the market (this one is key) and expose it to the masses, but barring any off the wall issues with the home or overpricing, you should attract fairly reasonable offers on your home.

So, when you get that first offer, as long as it’s within range of what other similar homes are selling for in the area, you should try and “Make it Work.” I work darn hard to get my sellers the best price possible for their home. Keep in mind, there are a number of items other than price that can be negotiated. But, I’m here to tell you that letting a home warranty, curtains, a day or two extra to close, is not worth losing the deal over.

Ask yourself…how long did it take for you to get that first offer?

The reality today is that you are 1 in 14,000 homes listed for sale and there is a 7 month supply of inventory in Columbus and surrounding areas. So, here’s some advice for sellers and for sale by owners…respond to every offer you get, and negotiate all offers the best you can…especially the first one.

If you need help selling your home or just have some real estate questions, pick up the phone and call me today.


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The Christmas 20 for Charity

Posted by Jody Deeds on December 4, 2009

From now thru New Years, Pickerington has a subdivision that is putting on a fantastic Christmas light show/display. Open 7 days a week from 5pm-midnight. Now thru New Years.

20 homes all connected and synchronized to Christmas Carols. They’ve been doing this for a couple years now and each year seem to add more homes to the display.

They ask those stopping by to donate non-perishable food items. The donations will be delivered to Mid Ohio Food Bank. Last year they donated 3 tons of food. Of course, there is even a greater need this year. So, bring your family and friends and check it out.

Click the image below to learn more.

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Cabin Rental in Hocking Hills

Posted by Jody Deeds on December 4, 2009

Some friends of mine have a new cabin rental available in Hocking Hills area. Rates are very reasonable and it is conveniently located to Hocking Hill attractions. It is only 5 miles from Old Man’s Cave and is situated in a peaceful, secluded setting.

The cabin sleeps 5 and has 6 person hot tub, woodburning fireplace, kitchen, 42″ TV w/dvd and directtv, surround stero w/ipod dock and much more.

Check it out and make your reservations today. They are filling up fast.

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Spoon & Spatula – New Local Business

Posted by Jody Deeds on December 4, 2009

With holidays just around the corner, tis the season with a new local business. They offer Homemade Goodies for all occassions.

Custom Wedding/Birthday/Specialty Cakes, Cookies, Buckeyes, and many other irresistable treats.

They just did a specialty Hannah Montana birthday cake for my daughter this past week. It was absolutely beautiful and delicious.

They’ve been providing goodies for years for family and friends but have recently launched “Spoon & Spatula”.

Visit their website at or call them at 614-837-8142 or 614-837-6817 to discuss your homemade goodie needs.

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8 Reasons to Buy a Home in Central Ohio Now…

Posted by Jody Deeds on November 12, 2009

It’s a GREAT Time to Buy in Central Ohio – 8 Reasons to Buy a Home

1. Columbus is named one of the most AFFORDABLE places to RETIRE, according to U.S. News & World Report (October 2009)

2. Delaware County ranked #8 in the U.S. for the YOUNG & WEALTHY population nationwide (defined as 25-34 year olds, making over $100K annually), according to NielsenWire (September 2009)

3. Columbus is on top 10 list of cities across the country when it comes to Best Places for FINDING A JOB (August 2009)

4. Columbus made the Best Places to RAISE KIDS out of 52 cities across the nation, according to BusinessWeek

5. Ohio had the most cities on the list of top 30 nationwide that are the most WIRED (broadband connected), according to (January 2009)

6. Columbus is names as one of the top 100 PLACES to LIVE, according to RelocateAmerica (July 2009)

7. Columbus ranked #7 on Sperlings BestPlaces list of MANLIEST cities in the U.S.

8. Columbus is ranked the 8th Most STABLE market in the U.S., according to PMI Mortgage Insurance Corp.

Remember, not only do you have 8 great reasons to buy in Columbus, but you also have the HOMEBUYERS TAX CREDIT that is still available to FIRST TIME buyers for $8,000 and even MOVE-UP repeat home buyers FOR $6,500.

INTEREST RATES continue to be low, with an average of 5.06% for a 30year fixed loan, according to

If you or someone you know is considering a move, call me a call today at 614-755-9566 or visit us online at

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Attention Sellers: Top 5 Nasty Little Homebuyer Turnoffs

Posted by Jody Deeds on November 10, 2009


Ok…you or your Realtor have done a great job marketing your home and the showings are starting to schedule nicely. Don’t blow your first impression chance by doing these little things that immediately turn buyers off and make them run out the door, down the street and into the door of another home for sale instead of yours.

Who would think that these little tiny things could do so much damage? And…ultimately cost you, the seller, more money. Your home sits. You pay more carrying costs for mortgage and utilities. Oh yeah…and that house you had your eye on…well…you might just miss out on a 30% equity advantage by purchasing now while the market is down.

So here they are. The top 5 nasty little buyer turn offs.

1. TOILETS. Flush them, clean them and close them for your open houses and showings. YUK!

2. PET ODORS. Cats are the worst and most difficult to rid the house of. But, any pet odors that smack you as soon as you walk in the door is sure to keep those buyers from making that offer.

3. FRITO SMELLS. OK..not really Frito chips, but those oh so stinky dirty laundry baskets, closets full of stinky shoes and other closet, laundry room and shoe nook smells. Please Fabreeze.

4. TRASH. The saying, “One mans trash is another mans treasure”, well NOT so much when trying to sell your home. Empy those trashcans and get rid of the funk.

5. BACKYARD POO POO. Unless you want your doggies poo poo dragged into your home, you might want to get rid of the stuff before buyers arrive. Nothing screams BUY ME, like smelly poo on your shoe.

There are plenty of others, but this will get your started. Think about how buyers will see your home and what they expect.

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Is Your Price Selling The Neighbor’s House?

Posted by Jody Deeds on January 27, 2008

Preparing to sell your home takes some planning and expert advice, especially when it comes to setting the price.

You’ll find everyone becomes an expert and wants to offer their opinion on the price…neighbors, family, co-workers, etc.  And…while all of these individuals have good intentions and only want to help, it is crucial that you take into account all factors involved:  market conditions, similar style homes that have sold in your area, your homes currently on the market, is it a buyer’s market or seller’s market, condition of your home, how fast homes are selling, terms and incentives, etc.

Avoid testing the market!  Set a realistic price based on the facts involved.  Pricing too high will only help sell competing homes in the area and you’ll lose your initial rush of good qualified potential buyers.  The longer a home stays on the market, the lower the offers and less negotiating power there will be for you. 

How much you paid for the home and how much you want to profit, are important to you, these factors do not affect the market value of your home and what Buyer’s are willing to pay. 

For a personal pricing consultation, visit us at  

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Get It In Writing and Avoid Home Buying Frustrations…

Posted by Jody Deeds on January 27, 2008

When you begin your search for a home, one of the first and most important steps in the process is speaking with a lender to find out what program is best and what you as a homebuyer are able to afford.

Most lenders will conduct a brief phone interview with you at no charge.  You’ll be asked to supply basic information such as names, address, income, debt, etc.   

Once your lender has established that you qualify for a loan, and you’ve made APPLICATION for that loan, they are REQUIRED BY LAW to provide you with a GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE within 3 days of making application for your loan and being approved for a loan

This Good Faith Estimate is only a general estimate of closing costs. This is so you have a general idea what to expect, how much items throughout the process will cost and who is responsible for them and at what point they’ll need to be paid for.

NEVER do business with a lender who refuses to provide you with this GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE.  If they’re unwilling or unable to provide you with one, move on to a different lender.  You will save a great deal of time, money and stress by doing so.

For a list of reputable lenders, give us a call at 614-755-9566 or visit our Preferred Partner section at

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Secrets For Saving $$$ When Purchasing a Home…

Posted by Jody Deeds on January 27, 2008

You Don’t Make Money When You Sell a home, You Make Money When You BUY it!

Here are several strategies to consider when purchasing your next home.

Understand How Much Financing You Can Afford.   It’s crucial that you speak with several lenders and discuss the many financing programs available.  Each mortgage company sets its own limits for some items.  Be sure to shop and compare at least 2, preferably 3 lenders to find the best deal.  You Realtor can provide you with lender names and help you sift through the many options.

Do Your Homework Before You Shop.  Knowing what you can afford before you go shopping for your next home, can save you time and aggravation.  It’s always best to speak with a lender and do some preliminary homework, so you can have a pre-approval letter in hand when you make an offer.  The pre-approval letter will put you in a much better position to negotiate the price and terms.  So, before you head out to look at homes, be sure you know your comfort level regarding the price and monthly payment, and have that letter.

Location.  Remember, you make money when you BUY a home, not when you SELL.  By selecting a home in an area that continues to increase in value, has good curb appeal, and has attracting features, you’re setting yourself up to be in a good position later.  Now, you don’t want to buy the most expensive home in the neighborhood, but you don’t necessarily want to buy the lowest priced one either.  Be sure to take into account all of the factors that might hinder the sale of your new home down the road.  Your Realtor can help you determine the pros and cons , by doing a market analysis before you make the offer.  This will show you what homes have sold for, how long homes are on the market and other factors.

Timing.  Consider the length of time you plan to live in your new home.  It takes about 3 years to be in a position to make money from the sale of your home.  Unless you purchased the home at a drastic under market value price, or had a large down payment, you’ll either break even when you sell or you could possible lose money.  So, be sure to consider your future plans and length of time you plan to stay in your new home.

For a FREE Buyer Consultation to help you position yourself to purchase your next home, visit us at

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Sell First or Buy First??? When You Need to do Both…

Posted by Jody Deeds on January 27, 2008

Deciding whether to buy or sell first can be a difficult decision.  Both have pros and cons depending on your particular situation.  Here are some things to consider when making your next move.

Buying First and Then Selling, may create 2 mortgage payments, which most people aren’t comfortable handling.   Also, buying before you sell could end up costing you much more in the long run…you’ll be more inclined to lower your price to get it sold and not lose out on your new home, plus the carrying costs to keep the old home maintained and the utilities on, can deplete your savings rather quickly.  In addition, you may not qualify for a loan on your new home if you haven’t sold the old one first.  Unless you have a plan of action in place that has taken into consideration these factors, buying before you sell might not be the best way to go.

But, What About Selling Before you Buy.  This too can create some challenges.  Where will you live if your current home sells before you’ve found your new home?  Are you prepared to pay the new owner rent until you can find a new place to live?  Where will you store all of your belongings if you can’t move everything into your temporary living space?

One advantage to putting your home on the market BEFORE you buy a new home is that you’ll have a much better position in negotiating with the seller, than if you didn’t have your home on the market yet.

Every situation is unique.  Be sure to discuss all options with your Realtor and lender, and then decide the best position to take for your situation.

If you need to make a move, but have a home to sell, visit us at  We’ll help you sort through the options.

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